Leisure time

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Free time after work or study is called leisure time. It is the time for fun and entertainment. Going to the cinema, theatre, concerts, arts exhibitions are the most usual ways of spending free time. Some people especially the younger one, prefer going to parties, pubs, coffee bars, clubs and discos, others like to stay at home watching TV, reading book ... Unfortunately, a lot of people haven't got enough time. We spend a lot of time for working, learning, family ... But we must find these free time for us. 

Many people spend their leisure time practising their hobbies. There are many types of hobbies. One of traditional passive hobbies is the collecting of objects. For example: stamps, postcards, flags, coins, models of cars ... The collecting becomes a life - long hobby for many people. It is an interesting and useful hobby. To give a pet a good care requires a good knowledge of its habits and behaviour. The British people love animals and almost every family has pet, usually a cat or dog. Practising dancing is active hobby. Drama acting, folk dancing, modern dancing ... At present , more and more people of all ages are concerned with their health and spend some of their leisure time doing exercises to keep themselves fit. For this season many sports and games are practised as hobbies. Hiking, cycling, rowing, playing golf and tennis are enjoyed by people all over the world. It is quiet common to see parties of hikers, cyclists or rowers spending their weekends outdoors. For those who prefer physical exercises indoors, body - building and fitness centres are opening up all over the world. They help people stay healthy and fit. The some result can be achieved by walking, jogging, swimming and aerobic which are also useful, effective and very popular ways of spending leisure time. Teenagers have their own special leisure interests. Typical hobbies of teenagers are roller-skating and skate-boarding. Skate-boarding as sport first appeared in California. Skate-board parks are opening up in big cities for the safe practising of this hobby. To the summer hobbies belong windsurfing, wavesurfing ... To the winter hobbies belong snowboarding, skiing ... 

To my hobbies belong many sports. For example in winter. I snowboard. Every winter holiday we went to High Tatras. In summer I play football, volleyball and handball. But bigger bit of my free time, I spend on design Internet sites. Now I have on Internet our information portal on address www.hladas.sk In past I have done some projects for my father's company. And one our project about Domasa. These hobby is important in my future, too. Because I would go on Economical university on information and statistic. And here I must know programmed in HTML codes, PHP codes ...

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