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Israel you can meet all the time. But in summer it isn't good weather, because it is 
very warm. I think, good time is spring or autumn. 
Israel spreads on a desert. There are some places, where you can find fresh water. 
This place is the river Jordan; there is a very beautiful land. 
You cannot go everywhere, because it is danger, for your security take care troops. 
People can speak English and heap of people speaks Russian in Israel. Israelis 
speak Hebrew. 
Base Airfield is Ben Gurion Airport, but airports are in Eilat and Zefat. Dock is in 

You can travel to Jerusalem From Ben Gurion or Tel Aviv, because it is near here. 
Tel Aviv 
Tel Aviv - Jaffa - Israel's major metropolis and the country's business center. 
Tel Aviv - "The Hill of Spring" did not even exist until 1909, when a group of Jaffa 
residents moved north to build a new city on the sand dunes. Tel Aviv is called the 
country's culture and art Mecca, pride and joy comes from the new Golda Meir 
Center for the Performing Arts, home to the Israel famous Opera, dance companies, 
theater companies and concerts. The Mann Auditorium, home to the Israel 
Philharmonic Orchestra, considered The Habima Theater and the Helena Rubinstein 
Hall are also well known. Art galleries and craft centers abound, offering the finest in 
local and international creative talents. Dizengoff Street is lined with boutiques, 
exclusive stores and sidewalk cafes among the worlds best. If you want to stay in a 
hotel, I advise to see Internet on page There are 
hotels from the whole Israel. 


Jerusalem is a big chapter. There are too many sights. Jerusalem has Wailing Wall, 
The Old City, The Knesset, The Chagall Windows, and The Dom of the Rock, Zoo, 
The Israel Museum and another. It is very interesting city. There are many things, 
what you must see. Please, you masts go to the ordinary restaurant. There is a page 
on restaurants in Jerusalem http://www.israel-tourist - . 
The Dead Sea 
When you are in Israel, you must see Jerusalem, maybe Tel Aviv, but definitely The 
Dead Sea. You can't dive there, because this water is over saturated with salt. 
Stones at the bottom are covered with crystals a salt. By The Dead Sea there are 
shops with cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Do you know Ahava? This is famous a firm 
from The Dead Sea. I advise Dead Sea Mud. 

Want you dive? Israel has short place by Red sea. There are atolls, dolphins and a 
sunken ship. This is a good attraction. You can travel to Sinai from here and there is 
the best diving on the world. 

A Nazareth is beautiful town. There are many memories. Famous is Basilica of 
Annunciation. But there is Church of St. Joseph and Church of St. Gabriel. 

Crypt, Church of St. Joseph Church of St.Gabriel Faccade, Annunciation 

1.Tourist Information Office 
2.Basilica of the Annunciation 
3.St. Joseph's Church 
4.Mary's Well 
5.Franciscan Sisters of Mary 
6.Maronite Church 
7.Carmeelite Convent 
8.Soeurs de Charite 
9.Conveent of St' Claire 
10.Nazarene Church 
11.Dames de Nazareth 
12.Anglican Church 
13.Synagogue Church 
14.Coptic Church 
15.Baptist Church 
16.Church of St.Gabriel 
17.Greek Orthodox Church 
18.Young Sisters of Jesus 
19.Salesian Church 
20.White Mosque 
21.Franciscan Monastery 
(Terra Sancta) 
23.Municipal Community Center 
24.Central Bus Station 

Izrael is a good place for everybody, because you can do everything there and you 
can walk for memory all the time and you don't see everything.

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