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Attitudes to Food : 
People carry out so many different activities in one day. One thing they never forget to do, is to eat. Everybody must eat, because our body need energy from food. Someone like eat to much. But it isn´t healthy. Because some people are overeaters. For other people is food nuisance. They eat only for life. They must receive a vitamins, sweets, energy ... 
In present many young woman’s keep diet. They would have nice body. But they must never forget what is for them healthy and what unhealthy. The couldn´t eat all week only vegetables. They must sometimes eat meat. My position to food is neutral. Because I need food for life, but sometimes I go to restaurant to try some specially food. 

Why is our food considered to be unhealthy ? 
When we eat so fat food in our body is so much fat and these is only one example. We couldn´t eat meat or vegetables, but we must eat these together. We must have balanced food. 

Meals in our country, in Britain, in the USA : 

Our country: 
There are a lot of meals which we now prepare and eat. Our days starts with breakfast as in other countries. Many people prefer light breakfast to heavy breakfast. The typical breakfast in Slovakia is bread with butter and something. The main meal we have a lunch. It consist of soup and the second meal. The soup can be stock or meat soup. The second meal includes the meat for example roast chicken, grilled fish or a steak. We eat chipped potatoes or boiled rice with this meat. For a dinner we have only main meal. Like main meal for a lunch. 

For breakfast they have cup of tea and light food. The renowned English breakfast starts with cereals to which you just add milk or cream sugar. In the middle of the morning they have elevenses, usually not more than a cup of coffee and biscuits. At midday it´s time for lunch. Lunch is a light meal consisting of a warm dish and dessert. At four o´clock is teatime. At five or six o´clock is high tea. They can eat bread and butter or cheese and biscuits. In evening is supper. 

Our national food, my favourite food: 
Our national food is pasta with sheep cheese witch names “Halušky”. And my favourite are Chinese foods. For example kung pao or bananas with honey. Or Mexican foods for example: Tortila chips with sauce. 

With food connect health. Who eat unhealthy, is unhealthy. And then he must go to doctor. Every body in our country has right to choose a doctor. In our country we have two types of doctors: state and private. After the birth child is vaccinated against such illnesses as tuberculosis, tetanus, polio ... Medical care is provided from birth to death. 

First aid: 
When someone have hearth attack or another problem, then they can call ambulance. Ambulance must come to 15 minutes from call. 

Alcoholism and drug addiction: 
When someone drink so much alcohol then he is unhealthy. Then they have damaging liver. And alcoholism or drug addiction are problems. These aren´t physical problems. When someone take drugs or drink so much alcohol, then he must go to special sanatoriums. 

Civilisation diseases: 
However, there are fatal illnesses like cancer or AIDS which are incurable so far. But the best way to cure yourself of a disease is not to catch it, because prevention is better than cure. We can keep our health by physical training, hardening our body, through sport, regular daily routine, sufficient sleep, wholesome food and avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and stress.

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