Family and household jobs

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My Home : 
I live in small town, witch names Vranov nad Topľou. It has 25 000 inhabitants. It is situated in east part of Slovak republic. In Vranov I lived since 1985 on Lučna street. I am happy and content living here because Vranov have many places which I can visit. For example Domaša, Slánske hills ... 
Domaša is water dam with clean water. Everybody can choose for many sport attractions which are situated here. On Domaša can everybody relax. But I, can relax in my sweet home, too. Home is´nt for everyone these, what is home for me. For someone is home a building or flat. But for me is home place on which I can feel happy, because I can have around us loving people. 

My Family: 
I have big family, my mother has 4 siblings, and my father 3 siblings. But I have only one sister and these is enough. My father names Jaroslav and mother Oľga. Father have our company in which works my mother, too. My sister names Petronela. We are like good friends. Sometimes we can talk together about everything. But in other times, she is big nervous problem. She is 16 years old. I have two grandmothers and 2 grandfathers. These from mothers side lived in Slovenská Kajňa, and these from fathers side lived in Hencovce. 
I love them, but I can´t be with them so long what I would. 

My characteristic: 

I was born in Vranov on 27.4.1985. Now I live on Lúčna street 819/17 in Vranov. I am student at 8 years privat gymnasium. Sometimes I play on piano or football with friends. In leisure time I design internet sites. In future I would go on Economical university in Bratislava. 

Household Jobs: 
In my home everyone do something. My mother clean dust, sister waters a flowers and hovers. Everybody clean own room. When someone eats, then they must wash up a dish. Shopping goes mother when She goes home from work . The house work is´nt only womens duty because everyone in house must something do. 

Women in Society: 
Less than 100 years ago the women’s as children would learn to cook, sew, keep house and perhaps to sing and play musical instruments. These were few ´respectable´ jobs that women could do. They could look after other people´s children or teach. In Britain, the First World War marked a great change for women. They were needed in offices and factories to fill the places of men at war. But when the war was over, women went back to their homes. ´Women´s Lib´ grew in the 1960s and, as women struggled for equality with men, the word ´feminism´ and ´sexism ´ become part of the language. 

Now, women are equal with men .

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Thank you wery mutch

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